European Photography 91

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Investigative Photography. Portfolios with interviews by Ruben Salvadori, Dana Popa, Alexis Cordesse, Ji Hyun Kwon, Juraj Lipscher, Lynna Jean, Achim Mohné, Simon Menner, Verner Soler, Txema Salvans, and Alinka Echeverría | Photobook Dummy Award 2012: Dagmar Keller & Martin Wittwer. Passengers | Deep Views: Afghanistan and Fukushima. “We believe in long-term projects and in photography’s ability to tell stories. Two such projects are cases in point: one represents twenty years of investigative research into the corrosive effects of the heroin trade into Europe, the other details the human cost of the Fukushima disaster.” By Bill Kouwenhoven | Crime Scene Picture, by Boris von Brauchitsch | World Press Photo: The Next Phase? By A.D. Coleman | Guide to International Photobook Stores – No. 91, vol. 33, issue 1, summer 2012. 24 x 30 cm, 80 pages. German/English

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