European Photography 87

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Contemporary U.S. Photography – FotoFest 2010. “Given what has happened in the world since 1989 and the ensuing crises that have shaken the United States, it is an appropriate time to look at culture and art in the U.S., particularly photography and photo-based art.” Introduction by Wendy Watriss | Farewell to the Comfort Zone, by Manfred Zollner | Portfolios by Nicole Belle, Emilio Chapela, Tim Davis, Myra Greene, Todd Hido, Whitney Hubbs, Erika Larsen, Matt Lipps, Richard Mosse, Laurel Nakadate, Michael Schmelling, Paul Shambroom, Will Steacy, Greg Stimac, Hank Willis, and Brian Ulrich | Collecting Photo Books?, by Thomas Wiegand | Photobook Dummy Award 2010: Werner Amann. American | Site of Dialogue: The Flusser Archive, by Marcel René Marburger | Is Copyright Dead?, by A. D. Coleman | Guide to International Photography Magazines – No. 87, vol. 31, issue 1, summer 2010. 24 x 30 cm, 80 pages. German/English

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