Guide to International Electronic News Services (2015)

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Sending information about exhibitions or events by mail has gone out of fashion – the costs are too high, the response too small. Ever since December 1998, when Anton Vidokle founded e-flux, a newsletter service that, today, claims to reach more than 90 000 subscribers, numerous other service providers have emerged to distribute art news of all kinds for a fee. These services differ in terms of range, specialization and editorial competence. Some are part of larger service platforms, such as Blouin Artinfo, which is distributed in 21 languages, while others are highly specialized, such as PhotoCentral, which is directed exclusively towards photo collectors. Not all services can be booked by artists, gallery owners or event organizers, since they distribute only their own editorial content, and not all make use of Facebook and Twitter or the possibilities of RSS web feeds. In order to shed some light on and make some sense of this highly diversified segment, we have compiled the survey on the right. With a special focus on photography, it includes the most important, as well as smaller, individualized service providers.

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