Guide to International Photography Museums (2013)

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“Museums are places where collections are preserved. Soon after its invention photography was also being archived in museums around the world, but it was 1949 before the first photography museum was founded as an independent institution, the George Eastman House in Rochester. And it was almost another half a century before photography found its way on a broad scale into the world of museums. As the term museum is not protected, it is used to describe all kinds of activities. For the purposes of our research and our selection for the table on the right, we have taken the collection as our criterion and restricted our attention to institutions devoted exclusively or primarily to photography. Meanwhile, given the digital dematerialization of photography, it is to be expected that the classical photography museum with its collection of prints will become a rare phenomenon confronted with whole new concepts and strategies for cross-media collections.” (Intro, European Photography 93, Spring/Summer 2013) 

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