Guide to International Photobook Stores (2012)

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“Today‘s photobook market is divided into two: the classical publishers‘ titles on the one hand, with print runs upwards of 1,000, financed mainly by the client, and the selfpublished artists‘ books on the other hand, with a print run starting with one, financed by crowd funding, private patrons or the artists themselves. While increasingly the traditional book is being distributed online, the small edition artist’s book has to be seen as an object, held in the hand, and this requires a bookstore. Most of the bookstores listed in the survey to the right, have recognized this new trend in photobooks and now include self-published books in their range. This is good for the indie book scene, and is also a means of survival especially for small bookstores in their struggle to withstand the competition from Amazon & Co. Based on extensive research and a survey among hundreds of book-sellers, we have made a selection that includes not just large, established bookstores, but also smaller niche ones, locally and elsewhere, all of them worth a visit.” (Intro, European Photography 91, Spring/Summer 2012) 

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