Guide to International Photo Awards (2011)

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“If the importance of an art genre can be estimated by the number and size of the awards presented for it, then photography isn’t doing too badly these days. And the trend is continuing: most of the prizes listed here have existed for no more than five years, and the amount of prize-money involved is increasing. Little wonder then that the number of applicants is also rising. World Press Photo, for example, the oldest photography competition of its kind, began back in 1954 with about 30 participants; there are about 6,500 today. It seems that for many photographers applying for prizes and awards has long since become a lucrative source of income. The selection presented here is the result of extensive study of thousands of offers. Not only prestigious ones with high prize-money have been considered, but also more recent, innovative initiatives. Our table summarizes only the basic information; further details can be found on the given websites in most cases. Anyone looking for their own survey of international prizes on offer can do so at portals like or” (Intro, European Photography 90, Fall/Winter 2011)

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