Guide to International Photobook Publishers (2010)

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“No photographer needs a publisher to do a photo book these days. Thanks to digital printing and online services, design, production and distribution have long-since been “democratized.” But is this really true? Certainly not in every case, for otherwise the photo book publishers we are introducing here in the third part of our International Photo Guide (after “Festivals” in European Photography 84 and “Magazines” in European Photography 87) would not exist. The table on the right summarizes the findings of a global survey we did in Fall 2010. Three groups of publishers were taken into account: general art publishers with a larger-than-average photo book list (like Taschen), specialized photobook publishers (like Nazraeli Press) and small experimental and one-man publishers (like Lay Flat or KesselsKramer Publishing). Publishers dependent on institutions were not considered, with one exception (Edition Fotohof). The table indicates who is responsible for photography at the respective publishing house and whether or not you can submit own projects.” (Intro, European Photography 88, Fall/Winter 2010)

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