European Photography 88

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Net Photography. “From the museum to the net, from the wall to the screen: a new medium is dominating photography, a new type of image is emerging – net photography, photography produced for the prime aim of being presented and viewed on the Internet.” Introduction by Andreas Müller-Pohle | Portfolios by Adriana Rangel-Landa, Gareth Irons, Ahree Lee, Greg Habermann, whosjaja, Christian Bucad, bitchcakesny, Thomas Weidenhaupt, ShyGirl Allegra, Alexandra Guelff, Austin Carder, Raisa Galofre Cortes, Christine_3830, Carrie Unger, Michiru Fukumoto, Andrés Þór Sæmundsson, razrez, Tina Angel, Flush Gorden, harder_faster, Maria Ruban, Carlos Lafarga Priego, and Abbie Schellberg | “Good Art Always Wins”: Are there too many art fairs? Are capitalist strategies bad for art? What must a new gallery do to be successful? Wolf Lieser in Conversation with Gérard A. Goodrow | Artists’ Survival Guides, reviewed by Boris von Brauchitsch | Self-Publish, Express Yourself, and Be Happy!, by Bill Kouwenhoven | Guide to International Photo Book Publishers – No. 88, vol. 31, issue 2, winter 2010/2011. 24 x 30 cm, 80 pages. German/English

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