European Photography 104

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Travel: The Outside Perspective. “Travel is the lifeblood of photography. It opens our eyes and sharpens our senses; it infiltrates our thinking: We discover the world not as natives, but rather as strangers.” Introduction by Andreas Müller-Pohle | Nine photographers present their travel projects from nine cities: Nick Hannes (Dubai), Marjan Teeuwen (Gaza), Michael Kenna (Beijing), Renato D'Agostin (Los Angeles), Frank Hallam Day (Bangkok), Guillaume Hebert (Taipei), Shyue Woon (Seoul), Lorenzo Vitturi (Lagos), and Maria Sewcz (Istanbul) | Daegu Photo Biennale: Next Image – The Past of the Future, with Chan Sook Choi, Knut Kruppa, Jae Yong Rhee, Cortis & Sonderegger, Florian Bong-Kil Grosse, Wenke Seemann, Eric Strelow | Books on Travels, reviewed by Matthias Groll: Michael Najjar, Claude Nori, John S. Webb, Andreas Gehrke, Michael Danner, and Tayo Onorato/Nico Krebs | Editor's Pick: European Photography – A Collector's Item | The Aarhus Photobook Dummy Award | Books that Made It: Three successful crowdfunding stories, by Wolfgang Zurborn, Frank Gaudlitz, and Yan Preston – No. 104, vol. 39, issue 2, winter 2018/2019. 24 x 30 cm, 80 pages. German/English

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