Guide to International Portfolio Reviews (2012)

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“Portfolio reviews are an invention of the photo-scene and perhaps its most successful form of communication: photographers meet the experts – publishers, editors, curators –, present them their work, receive feedback and do business with them. This is highly efficient for both sides, given that the encounters usually take place in the well-organized framework of a festival or other large event. European Photography has also made gratifying discoveries again and again. Inspired by informal meetings in Arles in the early 1980s, the concept of the portfolio review was developed by the two protagonists of Houston FotoFest, Fred Baldwin and Wendy Watriss; it has since become the model for practically all events of this kind these days. The table here provides a survey of the important international review events. For final dates we recommend the blog by Moritz Neumüller” (Intro, European Photography 92, Fall/Winter 2012)

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